A great start to 2021. The beginning of a new chapter for 3rd Party Apps


Upcoming No Revokes

1. Serverless meaning your network packets aren’t tunneled to our servers. This both ensures complete privacy and speed. 2. Since it’s not a traditional VPN it will allow you to use other VPNs or DNS configurations without messing with the anti-revoke 3. If you want to install new apps you’ll get a pop up saying whether you want to temporarily disable the anti-revoke. This ensures once again that you stay in a non-revoked state.

Why Us ?

Scarlet offers a new community for developers to submit their paid apps and allow users to seemlessly protect themselves from revokes. Our goal getting into Scarlet is to give everybody access to a store that doesn't tell people to do the workarounds. Instead we created an app with every user in mind to bring a smooth experience.


1. An advanced built in DNS which protects from revokes with a 100% success rate, requires no servers, and has a prompt to disable when trying to install a new app 2. Can't find an app? Don't worry; you can easily add your on-top of that websites can support Scarlet's signer to make installing external apps more effortless than ever 3. Native. Scarlet is a REAL app meaning that the GUI is responsive and enables new innovative technolgies to be possible. The GUI itself is advanced with all sorts of animations, custom color detection, etc. 4. Scarlet allows you to share your favorite apps seemlessly with friends and family over Apple's airdrop through the sharesheet. 5. Tools built just for Scarlet. Over at Scarlet we have special signing tools to make signing new apps a breeze. This will allow us to easily sign newly requested apps 6. ScarletMarket is coming soon ! It'll bring a new community of developers and exclusive apps. Devs can host their paid apps on Scarlet and don't have to pay directly. Payment options on release date are ApplePay and uses AppleSignIn. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about those who have Paypal or ApplePay banned in their country. There are tons more features waiting for you to explore !


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